Posted on 17th December.
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Are you sick of the leading industry figures out there always advocating ‘white hat link building’ and ‘earning links instead of buying them’? Me too! That is why it is time to fight back with the best techniques to get links fast with zero effort and absolutely no SEO knowledge required!  Here are 10 easy ways to ruin your link profile.

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Disclaimer: Ruining your link profile is as bad as it sounds. Please don’t do this. 

1. Sign up to millions of directories

Sure, powerful link directories such as Yell and Thomson can be hugely beneficial to your site, but who needs those? Why go for authoritative directories that help users find your site when you can just get directory submissions for free that can give you thousands of links?! Ermm, hello? One powerful link that provides value or thousands of low quality links for free?! Case closed.

Blogroll links

‘I can’t be bothered writing a thousand word piece of content that will provide users with value and quality information.’ Sound familiar? You bet it does.

Why write long form helpful content when you can just pay a webmaster to place a link to your site in his blogroll section?

Blogroll links are super easy to come by and they require zero web dev skill to implement too. Simply toss the webmaster a few quid, then you’ll get your blogroll link and you’ll both be sipping on the champagne of success in no time.

Sitewide links

Why just have one link on a site when you can have thousands! That’s right, there are these things called sitewide links that erm, well, give you a link across the whole site!

The beauty of a sitewide link is that it is one link that will be duplicated across every page and get this, each time a new page is created, you will get another link! This link-building lark is easy.

Exact match anchor texts

You want to rank for ‘car insurance’. How are you going to get to the top of page one? By building links to your brand?! Fat chance. Build loads of links to the exact match anchor text of your choice. I mean, Google isn’t going to rank you based on the relevancy and quality of your page are they? Ha, you’re crazy.

Comment spam

If you don’t want to write content or do any real legwork with link acquisition, then why not hijack powerful articles and add in a comment with one of your links? This really is one of the fastest ways to achieve your link goals.

All you do is share your amazing knowledge in someone else’s comment, leave a link to your site then sit back and pat yourself on the back.

Forum spam

Similar to comment spam this method requires very little effort. Instead of comment sections however, you just jump in to someone else forum thread and post your links.

In most genuine forums, you have to put something insightful for the other users to benefit from. Fortunately we don’t want any genuine forum sites so you don’t need to worry about that. Just rabbit on about anything, post your link and enjoy the juicy benefits.

Article spinning

Who can be bothered writing lots of great quality articles? Not me that’s who! So what options do you have? How about article spinning! This allows you to turn 1 article into 500!

The article spinning technique simply rearranges words and inserts synonyms until you have 500 different versions of the same one article. So much content with so little effort.

Article sites

So you have decided to ‘provide users with great content’. Ugh, horrible. But now what? Where can you post it?

You think websites will offer to host your content if it is useful, unique and can be of value?! Ha, keep dreaming. So what do you do? You use article sites of course!

That’s right, there are lots of websites out there where you can simply submit your article and they will upload it for you, for free! Don’t worry about metrics when it can be done that quickly. Time is money!

Social share spam

In 2015, social signal have become ever more important. But who really has the time to go out there and make sharable content and hope people will turn it viral for you? Not me, that’s who.

So what can you do? Luckily there are websites out there where you can approach people to do these boring jobs for you. Not only will they do it, but they only charge like a fiver or something, bargain!

Simply give them a few pounds and these workers will guarantee you hundreds of social likes, tweets and whatever else you need.

Profile spam

This final tactic is a right doozy. As mentioned above, social shares and social media is essential these days (God knows why!), so you need a constant presence on these sites.

I’m not talking about Facebook and Twitter, those are boring. Instead you need random sites that no one has heard of who will give you a link with no questions asked.

Don’t bother adding your real name, email address and other details. You don’t want to take too much credit for placing all of these awesome links. After all, your boss will only get mad when he realises he has to give you the inevitable promotion that is coming your way!


Now, I know you know that these are bad ideas. However, it is also to let you know that there are actually people that still believe this is the correct way of link acquisition. Thankfully, there are some of us fighting the good fight. Share any experiences you’ve had with the fruity side of linkbuilding in the comments below.

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