We provide an SEO analysis of The Adventure Holidays Sector

In the world of SEO & digital marketing, data defines us, data measures us and data drives us. We see past the physical appearance of campaigns and look straight to the core of the data to build a view of the online landscape. We wanted to show you a view of  The Adventure Holidays market. Having access to data has been a constant passion of ours for years and we have acquired data from a huge array of sources in order to build our reports.

Our report looks at the top 25 websites within the Adventure Holidays market, examining in detail at aspects such as Seasonal Trends, Keyword Competitiveness and Visibility vs Authority, to name a few.

Our top findings are as follows: We can see that 2014 showed a decrease in search volume compared to 2013; all areas of travel were hit hard in 2014 due to economic issues, natural disasters and political protests. This hopefully will change for 2015 as people become more confident with their travel choices and financial stability. The influence of wider marketing campaigns for adventure holiday companies and an increase in competition through the economic recovery means it is now more important than ever for companies to cement their positions within the search engines to ensure that 2015 is a successful year.

1. 5 out of 25 of the websites which we analysed were down on average growth compared to the other websites from June 2014- 2015.

4. 5 out of the 25 websites we initially looked at were seen to be under performing.