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Arbtech required an industry leading website that increased performance and focused on improving the number of new online enquiries.

Ecological surveys are a very niche market but the client was determined to position himself as the market leader in usability, content and design. The new website was to act as the platform for growth over the coming years.


Inside Online identified WordPress as the most economical and practical content management system for the project. It stability, security and access a wider variety of 3rd party plugins made the platform ideal for the new site.

The primary measurement of success however was an increase in conversion rate from click to lead while maintaining the quality of the lead to purchase. The existing site converted traffic at a reasonable rate but we believed improvements could be made by improving the content, positioning of call to actions and quality of content surrounding these.

With an increasing use of multiple devices, a mobile first approach to design and development was taken.



Once the website was completed, we monitored the results closely and we could see right away that many key metrics had improved.

After three months of gathering data, these were the results of the new website: 36% conversion rate increase, 358% mobile conversion rate increase, 75% tablet conversion rate increase and 11% bounce rate decrease.

The project was a complete success helping increase leads, revenue and sales across the board, more than justifying the investment made.


Arbtech had a mature online marketing campaign with established SEO and PPC channels allowing us access to a significant amount of data. This heavily influenced our approach to the project.

The first priority was to get as much insight from analytics as possible to help understand the user journey and map out the hierarchy of the new site. With SEO being a key consideration, important pages in terms of traffic, links and social were identified and a migration plan was initiated. This maintained the trust and authority of the site within the search engines.

Data also allowed us to map out where customers were engaging and converting with the current site and gave us more of an insight into the user journey. This insight gave us the knowledge to be able to place key pages prominently within the site structure and in page analytics affected placement of content, statements of confidence and call to actions.



The business model that Arbtech maintained was based on high volume, low cost cases as opposed to the more complex projects that some of the competitor sites targeted. The new website design had to reflect this. The design had to be clean, impactful and focused towards nurturing the conversion online with as little interaction with between Arbtech and their customers.

The results were clean, conversion focused, content rich pages that clearly communicated proposition, price, and unique selling points of Arbtech to the target audience.


The new site generated a very positive response from the target audience. An increase across all user metrics allowed for better targeting and higher investment in paid search. The increased exposure enabled the paid media team to better target the campaigns across device, demographic and location.

The migration strategy ensured a smooth transition between the old design and the new more conversion focused site. Again key user metrics showed improvement across the board.





Once the website was completed, we monitored the results closely and we could see right away that many key metrics had improved. After three months of gathering data, these were the results of the new website.

Conversion rate increase
Mobile conversion rate increase
Tablet Conversion Rate Increase
Bounce rate decrease

Search marketing mixed with digital content, social and PR.

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