Capstone is a fostering agency covering the majority of England. Capstone required a marketing campaign to find new carers to build their network. With only a few offices around the country, any campaign had to be sure of minimising wasted spend for parts of the country outside their catchment area.

There is a lot of time spent across the internet by people researching the subject of foster care. Any campaign would therefore have to provide a good balance of cheap traffic from researchers and a drive of traffic from those likely to be ready to join Capstone.

The paid search campaign had to be heavily targeted around locations. We supported Capstone during their site migration and wrote a guide for their team to follow. We also fully audited Capstone's test site to identify any onsite issues and delivered a detailed recommendations document.

Alongside a nationwide campaign to build the brand (and quality scores), we created geographically-targeted campaigns for generic searches and location keyword campaigns. Location keywords included locations for every single city or town in their catchment area.

This naturally created tens of thousands of keywords which were grouped into over 2000 highly targeted ad groups. This helped better target relevant people within their catchment areas with the aim to build brand awareness and drive leads.


This level of targeting delivered high quality scores, lower CPCs and a great amount of scope for data build-up and subsequent optimisation potential. Over time, the campaign had been improved to the extent where 3 times as many leads are being delivered compared to previous.

Goal conversion rate increase
Increase in goal completions
Decrease in cost per lead
Increase in monthly lead volume

Search marketing mixed with digital content, social and PR.

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