As of 2014 the internet has become a cat theme park, millions of kitty’s waiting patiently to go viral on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, it’s a feline frenzy and we have evidence to prove it.

Pet Medicine company Vet Medic recently produced two infographics helping pet owners avoid the treats that could harm their furry friends. One of these pieces was aimed at cat owners and one at dog owners. Now we are not saying that dog owners care less but 37,000 people visited the dog infographic and 10% of people shared it, whereas 27,000 visited the cat infographic and 35% of people shared it.

Does this mean that people care less about their dogs or just that cat owners are more active on social media? There are many theories including a female bias towards cats, that dogs are simply trying too hard, or that cats are simply too cute for cuteness sake. Well, I am inclined to agree with the theory that those who write about animals on the internet have unquestioningly bought into the cat hype and are perpetuating it.

Whatever the reason it is clear to see that Cats still rule the internet.

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