Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. They required optimisation of their AdWords account to take advantage of their busiest time of year, the Christmas period.

The challenges we faced included understanding a platform that is based upon a seasonal trend that isn’t e-commerce or lead generation, but charity-based and relies heavily on donations. Our goal was to gain as much visibility as possible without becoming generic and follow trends that other charities follow. We had to decide on the most appropriate keywords to use, and devise ad text that would improve the click-through rate, in order to improve the relevancy of the ads shown for keywords entered in search engines.


Firstly, we conducted an in-depth analysis into the charity, looking at keywords to target during quieter periods to maximise the impression share and gain donations. We aimed to keep the CPC under the maximum allowed level with the Google Grants scheme, while still remaining competitive enough to outbid rivals.

Our analysis included looking at which ad text yielded the best click-through rate against the poorer performing ads. We constantly improved the keyword list, utilising the best performing keywords when the account is split into the Google Grants campaign and ran a full paid search option to increase donations.

We monitored performance to maximise exposure and improved the structure of the account to ensure relevancy was kept. The improved quality score across all areas of the account resulted in higher positions within the rankings overall.


By working with Crisis, we have managed not only to hugely improve their busiest periods and their outreach around that time, but also improve their visibility through their quiet periods.

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