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Create valuable new audiences for your meaningful brand stories. Gain credibility and authority building relationships with journalists, publications, bloggers and influencers. Distribute and promote your brand stories across effective channels, using a combination of personal outreach and paid distribution.

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To become a content brand, you start with a story. Without that, you won't gain trust, engagement or returning customers. We craft your brand stories to ensure they resonate with your target audience, following our 7 established principles of content & PR engagement. This is a process we have refined since 2009; testing, learning and repeating to the point that we now have one of the most established digital PR models in the industry.

We have an impressive book of contacts. From major publications to expert bloggers and social media influencers. Building relationships is key to gaining coverage on important channels. We blend the personal approach with paid distribution across PR and content discovery networks, such as Outbrain, Tabloola and paid social media channels.

Have a PR team already? No problem, we work as an extension of their skills, strengthening the digital impact of your campaigns. Get in touch to discuss how we can help, and find what contacts we have in your niche.

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