Posted on 23rd April.
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Last week Google Analytics subtly changed the two very important terms within their analytical software; Google Analytics.

The previous ‘visits’ will now be known as ‘sessions’ and ‘unique visitors’ will be known as ‘users’ within Analytics

Visits & Unique Visitors Change in Google Analytics

For those that don’t know, Google Analytics is Google’s free reporting software that provides webmasters with in-depth analytical insights and findings.

We noticed this change last week but could not find any news or more information on this silent modification. Now though, Google has released a statement on Google+ with more information.

The statement reads: “The Visitors web metric and Active Users app metric are now unified under the same name, Users. And, Visits are now referred to as Sessions everywhere in all of Google Analytics. We’ll be making these changes starting today, and rolling them out incrementally over the next week.”

“If you collect and send both web and app hits to one property in your Google Analytics account, all your hits will appear in all your reporting views starting today. If you want to keep your web and app data separate, you need to add a filter to your reporting views.”

Will this change be the start of more Google Analytics tweaking in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think below.