Headwater are a leading online activity holiday company focusing on cycling holidays. They operate in a competitive marketplace and are considered market leaders in terms of product, service and understanding of their clients. Headwater required an increase in conversion rate to secure their position as market leaders.

Initially we were faced with a weak account structure; the account wasn’t optimised in any way which resulted in a poor historical set of data to work from. There was also an overpopulated negative keyword list which resulted in the brand missing out on potential enquiries from people further down the line in the buying cycle.

We had to avoid structuring the account to be too generic, as with the nature of the travel industry, budgets can be spent very quickly. Travel is a competitive market where the average order values of the competition justify higher click spend across the industry.

Our aim was to restructure and rebuild campaigns to effectively target the customers who are most likely to convert. We were also tasked with geographically locating the areas that Headwater focus on and build specific campaigns to target them directly. We analysed the negative keyword list and checked to see if all keywords within the list were avoidable traffic or traffic that may have had the wrong match type, previously resulting in an under-performing domain.

We changed the keyword match types to make better use of the campaign structure, securing the capture of all potential conversions. Another task was the constant analysis of the traffic through the site, ensuring  they were landing on the right page that best matched their search term and that every opportunity to convert the traffic was available.


Working with Headwater, we have managed to improve their conversion rate by a staggering 73% within the space of one month of taking over management.

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