Posted on 13th July.
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Inside Online have been placed on Hubspot’s Best Infographics of 2015 not only once but twice!

Two successful infographics for two successful clients, WBSA and Dreams Beds…. so what do we look for in a great infographic?

Well, creative, visually stimulating, informative illustrations and graphics which produce contagious content. It’s simple; infographics must be built around compelling data and be also used as a visual resource.

So what did Hubspot have to say about the Infographics?

No.6 on the list was The Ultimate Guide to Notetaking in Class, by Inside Online for the Westminster Bridge Student Accommodation

‘Turning an “ultimate guide” into an infographic can be somewhat of a daunting task. Usually, these infographics are long and fairly detailed. The WBSA did a great job breaking down the information into bite-sized sections. They kept a consistent format throughout each of the note-taking method sections: number, title, one-sentence overview, which situation(s) that method is ideal for, and how to actually do it. The light, neutral colors used for the backgrounds contrast well with the bolder, darker text fonts. ‘

View the full Infographic by clicking the image.

The Ultimate Guide to Note Taking In Class, an Infographic by WBSA.


No.8 on their top infographics list was How to Stop Your Partner Snoring, by Inside Online for Dreams

‘Dreams, a bed company based in the U.K., has an interest in helping their customers get a great night’s sleep . What other educational information can they put out there to help build trust in their brand? Teaching customers how to stop their partner’s snoring habits is one way of doing it. In the infographic below, they do a great job of breaking down the topic into digestible tidbits. Plus, we love the fun, whimsical things they mixed in throughout, like the illustration of the couple by the title and the “weird tips” section at the end. (Who knew playing the didgeridoo could help curb snoring?)’

View the full Infographic by clicking the image.



View the full Hubspot article here 

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