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Inside Online were tasked with increasing revenue generated, in a cost efficient manner, outside of the busy Christmas period. Focusing on positive growth throughout the year would lead to a greater share of the market during the naturally busier season.

As an established and successful campaign, the challenge for Inside Online was to drive greater efficiency around cost per click while uncovering new areas of opportunity within a crowded marketplace. By establishing a stronger campaign during the off-peak period, the learnings can be applied to drive the campaign around the peak Christmas period.


We expanded Light 4 Fun’s paid search campaigns to mirror the efficient structure of the site. When we took the campaign over it was far too reliant on broad match keywords which was affecting Click Through Rate, quality scores and bid management. To make it more efficient, the number of keywords and Adgroups were expanded significantly with a more balanced match type strategy employed.

The aim was to give us more control over the bid strategy at a granular level and address additional control mechanisms around day parting and geo-location targeting. The expanded account structure also allowed for more specific and targeted ad text creative leading to increased click through rates, quality scores and conversion rate for Lights 4 Fun. The expanded account then led to further data to optimise and continuously improve performance.


The re-build of the campaign has an instantaneous affect, increasing quality scores across the account and in turn lowering CPC’s. By gaining more control over the account through a more balanced match type strategy and granular account structure we were able to better qualify visitors leading to a 137% increase in conversion rate and 107% increase in the average order value, resulting in a 187% increase in revenue. 


The Lights 4 Fun campaign was data rich when Inside Online took it over. Search Query analysis showed the team what queries were being asked that were not targeted in the existing limited account structure. This was supplemented by Google Analytics data that allowed us to delve into the search history of the e-commerce platform.

The combination of multiple data sets gave us the insight required to understand who was searching for what and when. This analysis affected our approach to keyword generation, ad text creative, day parting and wider account targeting options.


The expanded account structure gave the team at Inside Online much more flexibly and freedom when it came to creating engaging Adtexts. New creative was put into place to ensure that the ads were relevant to the users search terms, but also brought in a number of USP’s to make Lights 4 Fun stand out from the market place. Where possible price was brought into the creative that helped increase CTR and conversion rates.

Alongside the new account structure and creative, specific landing pages were designated creating a more fluid and relevant customer journey. The result was higher click through rates from all relevant adverts and better conversion rated from all targeted landing pages.


The new account structure, Ad texts creative and landing pages increased the data set that the paid media team had to work with considerably. The structured approach we take to campaign management meant that daily, weekly and monthly optimisation tasks continued to develop the performance of the campaign.

Practically this meant Lights 4 Fun were far more efficient in the placement of their paid media. The budget was focused into keyword groupings that showed higher conversion rates at more effective times of the day and more evenly distributed across device/locations.





A cross-channel approach to campaign structure and digital PR resulted in an increase in conversion rate, revenue and average order value. Combined with a reduction in average cost per click, this led to a significant improvement in return on investment.

Decrease in cost per click
Increase in revenue
Improvement in conversion rate
Increase in average order value

Search marketing mixed with digital content, social and PR.

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