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 MortgageKey is a brand created and developed by Inside Online for OSL Finance, an established Mortgage Broker and Investment Management Company.

What's Involved

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OSL Finance approached Inside Online because they were struggling to generate quality leads at an acceptable cost. They were fed up with paying over the odds for average leads from 3rd party channels. Without a strong brand of their own, they were unable to penetrate the market place.

They wanted Inside Online to create and brand and strategy which could generate higher quality leads at a lower cost.

We needed to design and develop a website that could maximise conversion rate through to lead. Alongside this was the requirement for a marketing strategy which generated leads quickly.


Our strategy identified the gap in the market place. Our data and knowledge of the financial and search market places calculated the required performance from a website and marketing campaigns.

Our branding, conversion focused design and efficient web development to produce a website which would deliver immediate results – MortgageKey was launched.

Search, remarketing and display campaigns delivered high volumes of quality leads at low costs whilst building the exposure of the brand.


Within days of launch of the PPC campaign, the website was converting at above 13% (from click to online lead), with additional leads coming from the telephone.

Through landing page tweaks and PPC campaign optimisation, this was improved to over 16% within a few weeks and CPCs are continuing to fall. The client is now generating leads at a lower cost and with a higher quality than has ever been achieved before.

The problem for them has been the growth required at an operational level in order to receive and deliver to all the leads coming through. A good problem to have!


With a depth of history and understanding of the mortgage market place, we know that the search industry is flooded with mortgage comparison sites. These sites can find great deals, but it can take a lot of time to fill their forms and they severely lack the personal touch.

This left a massive gap in the market place that we felt could be filled by OSL’s new brand, thus forming the foundation of the strategy behind Mortgage Key. The brand and website would target people looking for a simpler solution to their mortgage needs and make visitors feel at ease in a busy and complicated market place. It should also deliver the message that the company can open up and reveal the best deals in the market.

This strategy would maximise conversion rate and minimise cost per lead in all future marketing activities.


We produced a simple, clear brand and website that doesn’t overwhelm the visitor like other websites in the market place can do. It portrays a straightforward message and clear call to actions to build trust and maximise conversion rate to either call-or-enquiry-form completion, whilst adhering to strict FSA regulations.

Inside Online designed, developed, and optimised the website which is now converting at above 16%, thanks to the on-site copy we produced. Whilst the primary focus would be for Buy To Let Mortgage and Remortgage markets, the site gives clear opportunity to expand into other mortgage and life insurance products.


We built an in-depth PPC campaign across the Google and Bing/Yahoo networks, targeting Buy To Let Mortgages and Remortgages, with quick results in mind. The account structure was granular, the keywords were highly targeted and the ads delivered a message which complemented the website in order to enhance the user journey and maximise conversion rate. Sitelinks, Reviews, Call Extensions and Callout Extensions helped to build confidence and improved Quality scores, enabling minimal CPCs alongside incredible conversion rates.

We’re building audiences and have launched remarketing, paid social, demographic and behavioural targeted display campaigns with banners designed by Inside Online. Data analysis and optimisations are continuing to improve performance.


"Inside Online have created a brand which we’re already immensely proud of. The website strategy and and marketing campaign is delivering us more leads, at a lower cost and of a higher quality than we’ve ever achieved before. They clearly understand our audience and the market place. We look forward to growing our business with the help of their excellent team."

Oliver Laver – Managing Director


Campaign Creative

Here are two examples from the campaign.


In partnership with OSL Finance our approach to integrated search marketing delivered.

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in lead volume
Cost per lead
Conversion Rate

Search marketing mixed with digital content, social and PR.

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