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According to Just-Style, the UK market for sportswear is expected to see considerable growth over the next 5 years to surpass GBP8bn as the trend for atheisure rockets. Based on current growth rates, Key Note predicts the UK sportswear market wil soar by 35.6% between 2015 and 2019, from GBP6.38bn to reach GBP8.65bn, driven by annual rates of growth between 7.7% and 8.1%.

According to the author, ‘As the merging of sportswear and fashionwear markets shows no signs of slowing down, strong sales growth is expected to be derived from fashion-forward shoppers’ ‘Women’s sportswear is projected to record the strongest growth in value as the ‘athlesure’ trend persists and women demand their own specialist fitness brands. New competition is expected to emerge in te market as fashion retailers launch sportswear lines, women’s only fitness brands spring up and retro brands make a come back. With competition online at an all time high, retailers must solidify their positions within the search engines to ensure a profitable future.

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Featured Brands

  • sports direct
  • jd sports
  • decathlon
  • m&m direct
  • dw sports
  • lovell soccer
  • foot asylum
  • start fitness
  • millet sports
  • lifestyle sports
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  • tlc sport
  • anax fitness
  • abc sports
  • fitness box
  • wiggle sports
  • direct sports eshop
  • sports ballshop
  • club line football
  • bishop sport
  • uni sport store

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The industry has seen an overall online growth of 7.43% in the last year..
Sports Direct is top of the market in terms of visibility, based on Search Metrics data.
BIarrington Sports could be labelled as under performing.
Foot Asylum & M&M Direct have dropped visibility year on year.

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