Urbanest is a leading provider of student accommodation across London. The new accommodation in Westminster Bridge is the pinnacle of the company's portfolio.

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Urbanest were looking for a unique website to promote the launch of their Westminster Bridge site, a brand new student accommodation building in the heart of London. The WBSA property had a premier location, fittings and fixtures therefore requiring a distinct brand presence.

Working alongside a branding agency, Inside Online were tasked with using their existing knowledge of the sector to develop a new site launch strategy and on-going digital marketing campaign. The aim was to ensure full residency within the property for the first year.


WordPress was identified as the ideal content management for the project offering scalability and robustness. Site structure and conversion points were based on existing knowledge and data ensuring the best possible start for the campaign. The content marketing strategy was integrated from the start with The Journal being prominently placed throughout the journey. The final integration with PEX booking system ensured end to end tracking for the project.

Inside Online working alongside a branding agency led a design process that included wire framing before any templates were signed off for development. Ensuring the site was SEO friendly was a key part of the brief; content and conversion had to work hand in hand.



The new website, along with an ongoing content marketing campaign, resulted in some great results for Urbanest. The site saw 201% increase in organic traffic after The journal launched. It generated 55,000 site visitors in the first 3 months and 450 enquiries for new bookings in 3 months. The website ensured full residency in the property within the first year.



Inside Online have developed a successful organic campaign for a number of years for Urbanest, we have used data from this campaign to understand keyword targeting and important pages within the new site structure. The data also allowed us to develop robust personas and develop a content marketing strategy through the digital magazine, The Journal.

Key sales messages and USP’s were drawn from existing paid search data from Urbanest and seamlessly integrated into landing pages, CTA’s and Adtext creative. Data allowed us to ensure we portrayed the right message to the right people at the right time.


The WBSA domain was a virgin site with little history, engagement or link equity. This created a two pronged strategy for the content marketing campaign. The aim was to develop a relationship with post grad students and the influencer network around students and geo targeted to London.

The solution to this was the development of The Journal. The magazine offers Urbanest a platform to provide advice and top tips to students on a variety of topics including finance, jobs, studying, travel and accommodation.

Inside Online's newsroom of editors, researchers, journalists and designers, craft timely stories to engage WBSA’s target demographics. By delivering valuable content into the need, awareness and intent cycles of the customer journey, brand engagement increased.


The challenge with a fresh brand is how we harness the website and content marketing strategy and integrate it into their owned, earned and paid channels. Paid search was used in the short term to deliver immediate intent led traffic. The content from The Journal was integrated into their social channels and syndicated through paid networks to develop large scale audiences. The overall brand positioning ensured strong relationships with partner Universities leading to a wider collaboration on content creation.

The result was the development over time of a multi-channel campaign that built awareness, consideration and intent based traffic for WBSA and Urbanest. The success of The Journal meant that organic and referral traffic quickly overtook paid search as the leading contributor of leads and bookings.



“Urbanest provide premium student accommodation in London, providing accommodation designed, built and run specifically for students. We have entrusted our SEO and PPC campaigns to the team at Inside Online since April 2010 and have been very happy with their approach in building brand visibility online. Their knowledge of search marketing and content has mean that Urbanest has continued to build its own strong foundations with 4 years of highly consistent growth. They are really worth the money!"

Richard Gillingwater – Marketing Executive


The new website, along with an ongoing content marketing campaign, resulted in some great results for Urbanest.

Organic Traffic Increase
Site Visitors in 3 months
enquiries in 3 months
traffic to site stemmed from the content marketing campaign

Search marketing mixed with digital content, social and PR.

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